5 Reasons Dudes Won’t Admit They Watch Scandal


Words by Tony Grands

Scandal-mania is officially over until the next season. In the meantime, it can be found on Netflix, On Demand, & thousands of household DVRs to be enjoyed immensely while we wait patiently. That “we” doesn’t include men, though.For the most part, men don’t watch Scandal, or at least that’s what we want other men & women to think. “Why?,” you might ask. I’m glad you asked.

Here are 5 reasons why dudes won’t admit they watch Scandal, in no particular order…

The Title
“Scandal” is just one of those words that aren’t a part of the stereotypical man’s catalog. Like “fabulous” or “please.” Television and movie titles are just as important as people’s names. Take a fine chick named “Gertrude” or “Agnes,” for example. Regardless of what she may bring to the table, that’s not a name that catches your attention. Kerry Washington is definitely more than enough reason to watch but she doesn’t take her shirt off enough for her to be the focal point. But, that’s neither here nor there, I suppose.

The Gay Guys
Even though the world is collectively becoming more forward-thinking in it’s sociological beliefs & tolerances (gay marriage is the new civil rights movement), watching two men heavily making out isn’t yet something that all people are comfortable watching. Namely, men. A peck on the lips is one thing, but your run-of-the-mill man’s man isn’t going to be very comfortable watching a sensual exchange of romantic lust betwixt a couple of the fellas. (I’m just keeping it real.)

Some Sport Was On
No dude wants to be the guy who was watching a romantic drama-ish show when some awesome pass or jaw-dropping freak injury takes place. Thanks to the internet, it’s almost impossible to miss out on some live event when it happens, but again, no man wants to say that the reason he didn’t see some earth-shaking slam dunk was because he was watching Scandal. If nothing else, it leaves one’s manhood open to scrutiny, unfortunately.

We Don’t Watch Romantic Dramas
Yes, I realize Scandal isn’t necessarily a romantic show, but it’s close enough. There’s more kissing, flirting, & sexual intercourse than there are fist fights and shootouts. That alone removes it from the action category, and we all know that men love action. (Double entendre.)

Because It’s A Secret
It can be a room full of dudes chilling, relaxing, & shooting the breeze. Every guy in the room with a significant other watches Scandal, yet no one wants to be the guy who, well, watches Scandal. So we all sit there, rambling on about rap & sports, all the while itching to discuss how Olivia is going to handle the President’s wife telling the world that Olivia is letting the POTUS blow her back out on the season finale. Go figure…

The fact that guys are now openly engaging in conversations about Love & Hip Hop offers hope that, some day in the near future, men will unite & stand strong, confessing & professing that, YES, we watch Scandal, just like our wives, girlfriends, & babymommas.

& we love it as much as they do.

photo courtesy of nydailynews.com

Words by Tony Grands


10 comments on “5 Reasons Dudes Won’t Admit They Watch Scandal

  1. markdub7 says:

    Uh….I watch Scandal. I aint ashamed. I admit, I only got on it b/c my chick MADE ME watch it with her….but now I’m hooked like a big-mouthed bass, and I DVR the joint for myself. Fux that…Olivia Pope is one sexy piece of work….even though she just can’t seem to keep the cream out of her coffee.


    • Tony Grands says:


      It took me a while to admit it. Also, I’ve yet to talk to a dude who says he watched it “just because.” I think chicks get coupons in the mail for their referral services…

      I was at my buddy’s house cpl weeks ago. A Scandal commercial came on & I said “So…we’re just going to pretend none of us watches that shit? We laughed & we talked about it for at least 45 minutes…

      Off topic, but ever since Kerry played The Thing’s girl in Fantastic Four, I refuse to believe she’s not blind in real life. Hollywood magic at it’s finest…


      • markdub7 says:

        LMAO @ “So…we’re just going to pretend none of us watches that shit? We laughed & we talked about it for at least 45 minutes…” That’s funny. And am I the only one who noticed that Olivia Pope won’t give a brother a chance? I think Kerry and Zoe Saldana are competing to see how many white men they can bed on-screen (not to mention off-screen too). LOL! At least Kerry kicked it with a brother in The Peeples.


  2. Curtis75Black says:

    I have no problem saying I watch it. The show is greatly well written. It took awhile to really get into it though. Seeing everyone if my timeline trip on the new season coming up, I checked out the last 2 to catch up. I was buggin’ at how it was put down. The characters are all flawed and solid at the same time. No one is exempt.


  3. Krissy says:

    the both of you just cracked me all the way up! I love Scandal! It has to be one of my favorite shows. I also noticed that she doesn’t seem to like black men but maybe she has black daddy issues since hers seemed to try and off her this season. *shrugs* that’s neither here not there. I’m just tired of her being a cheating whore like that’s ok.

    My guy doesn’t watch but I bet I could get him into it. It doesn’t take but one episode lol


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