Kanye West: Slave Master In Denial


Words by Tony Grands

Kanye West is at it again. & by it, I mean his usual demigod tactics at overthrowing whatever social injustice he’s aiming to decimate. That said, follow me over to TheUrbanDaily.com, where I’ve documented his latest campaign for douchebag of the month.[Jump to The Urban Daily]

photo courtesy of rollingout.com

Words by Tony Grands


3 comments on “Kanye West: Slave Master In Denial

  1. markdub7 says:

    Brilliant write up, Grands. Dude…when his first album came out, I was a STAN for ‘Ye’s work. I loved that he was a dude who could have never touched a mic and would still be filthy rich, but chose to put his all into becoming a DOPE emcee…and he did. Shamefully, he’s evolved financially to a point where he’s losing his ability to realisitically connect w/the same fans that propelled him to super-stardom.


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