4 Positive Spins Lauryn Hill Can Put On Her Prison Time


Words by Tony Grands

Entertainers hire the worst financial advisors, & every time one gets arrested for tax evasion, I hope the up & comers are taking notes on what not to do.Uncle Sam’s latest victim (not including Fat Joe or Mary J. Blige) is the beloved Lauryn Hill, who has been sentenced to serve 3 months behind the federal wall for not paying 3 years worth of taxes.

Not for nothing, but if I were her, I’d make the most of the situation.

Follow me over to TheUrbanDaily.com where I further discuss the possible positives of her government-funded vacation. [Jump to TheUrbanDaily]

photo courtesy of bossip.com

Words by Tony Grands


2 comments on “4 Positive Spins Lauryn Hill Can Put On Her Prison Time

  1. markdub7 says:

    “At some point, though, she lost sight of all the little things that made her a cutie pie and began dressing like a Time Traveler.”

    ^^^This. This is why you are one of my favorite writers. When you said that, I envisioned Lauryn’s clownish outfits and said, “damn… She DOES look like a time traveler’s wife.” Instead of touring with The Who, she looks like she could tour with Dr. Who. I hope this experience gives her time to reflect on her missteps, and motivates her to do something beneficial to her career and endear the millions of fans that she has alienated with her antics.


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