BET’s Uncut: A Restrospective


Words by Tony Grands

I took a trip down mammory memory lane & revisited one of young, urban America’s most beloved television series of our generation: BET Uncut.This show is not only the forefather of soft porn rap videos, but it also allowed Hip Hop music to be seen in a way that was unprecedented back then. Join me over at The Urban Daily for a moment of reminiscing & reflection.

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photo: The Urban Daily

Words by Tony Grands


3 comments on “BET’s Uncut: A Restrospective

  1. markdub7 says:

    Uncut was chiefly responsible for me being late for work many mornings a couple of years ago. I would sit up and enjoy all the “culturally enlightening material” provided by videos like Tip Drill & White Girls. Lol! BET Uncut is one of the parents of the phenomenon now Known as “twerking”


  2. eljugganot says:

    I’m at work, and I have to assume this is NSFW, but i’m gonna read more in depth later. lol looking forward to it.


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