L.A. Riots 2013?


Words by Tony Grands

From coast to coast, since this weekend, there have been continual, somewhat peaceful protests happening in honor of George Zimmerman’s acquittal Trayvon Martin’s death.

From New York to Texas to California, thousands of people took to streets & freeways & parks to physically voice their malcontent with America’s seemingly broken justice system.

For the most part, the protests, marches, & lawful loitering was done in a tasteful fashion. But last night, July 15, 2013, as a weary, somber crowd gathered in South Los Angeles’ Leimert Park district, civil unrest reared it’s hideous head.

Dozens of young people took to the streets – specifically Crenshaw Boulevard – & randomly attacked cars – some of which were occupied – & assaulted businesses (including Walmart) & one another. The mayhem, which was contained relatively quickly, was a brief reminder of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which sparked after the police who beat (yes, beat, as in a dead horse) Rodney King were acquitted of the charges against them for police brutality. That beating was caught on video cassette, & thusly a new era of “watching the watchers” was born. Though King begged the people for peace, all the denizens of South Los Angeles wanted was a piece. Of something. Of anything. Numerous business were burned down (some of which never returned to their fiscal glory) & innocent bystanders, namely the unlucky, Reginald Denny, were thrashed & thrown to the wayside, much like the pigs cops did to Rodney King. (Except with full 40 ounce bottles of beer.) After a few days, the city tried it’s best to return to normal, but that was an impossibility. Things would never be the same.

Last night’s uproar had a different connotation to it. News stations that broadcasted the open-ended melee caught images of teenagers – & younger – who weren’t out to protest or lift their voices. They were reckless teenagers who took advantage of the gaping social hole caused by the social outrage of Trayvon Martin’s death. They stomped on car hoods, pounded window shields, & vandalized whatever stood in their path. Even each other. During the ’92 riots, the overall message sent out to the community was “stay indoors,” for safety reasons. Last night’s message, given by several notable members of the surrounding communities, was for parents to keep their children off of the street. Imagine that. Trayvon, a teenager, died over bullshit, & a gaggle of misguided adult larvae took to the streets to light the city ablaze. Oh, the irony.

I’m all for civil uprise & social unrest as long as it has a purpose. Ambient violence is never an answer, but as the kids say, “You gotta do what you gotta do.” However, if the intention is to shed light on a young, Black male being treated like a rabid animal, shouldn’t we avoid giving more people more reason to view us in such a negative light? The sad fact of the matter is that, when the smoke clears, America will have more reason to stand behind the other George Zimmermans of society. & it’ll be easy for them to do so, because our “kids” are providing them with endless amounts of ammunition.

I don’t know what the overall outcome of this tragic chain of events will be, but I know one thing; my kids weren’t out there. & I can only hope yours weren’t either. Seriously, if we don’t start teaching the youth something useful, we may turn around & see we have no more youth to teach at all…

photo courtesy of nydailynews

Words by Tony Grands


9 comments on “L.A. Riots 2013?

  1. Krissy says:

    this is really said and so fucking stupid! Kids these days lack a sense of. . well anything. They weren’t protesting. This wasn’t a travesty to them. They were out there making fools of US. And like you said, proving everyone RIGHT. It makes me really upset because and set back is a set back and this will surely be one.

    No one I know was out there and for that I am grateful.


    • Krissy says:

      and another thing, if someone would have killed one of these dumb ass kids for being dumb asses then what? They didn’t think about any of that. This reckless shit needs to end forreal.


  2. Curtis75Black says:

    When it comes to the protests, I’m seeing a whole bunch of everyone from every creed. Peeps gots to understand, this happens all the time but when it happens like this, yo !! I have a 7 month old and I’m trying to die over a fool neighborhood watch thinking he can follow me on a random because I look suspicious living in the same complex as he. The police didn’t give a damn, he had no remorse & the jury was like whatever with it. Common sense knows this was shitty from that night. The scene was clean before the family even returned home, having Tracy report a missing child. Peeps in Miami & Sanford have been cool. The unrest isn’t necessary but police need to chill with the aggravation.


    • Tony Grands says:


      I can’t speak for any other city, but in L.A., the cops aren’t trying to aggravate the situation.

      It was a peaceful protest gathering & out of nowhere, a bunch of kids turned it into a riot. Cops weren’t even all that “concerned” until the kids started turning it into a stampede. Check the net for footage. Then the fools started fighting with each other, like pit bulls in a fence. Smh. Protest is one thing, ignorant perpetuation is another.


  3. markdub7 says:

    I hate that there have been in the incidents which would give the media an opportunity to label them as “riots”, but I’m also relieved that for the most part, people have protested peacefully. I hope that this continues.


    • Tony Grands says:

      In L.A., the protests are over for the most part. It’s more like organized peace rallies, one is tomorrow being organized by Bro. Tony Muhummad & the NOI. My thing is, now what? Where do we go from here? Sure, we protested his death & the injustice, but what’s next for the Black man?

      It’s so much deeper than just Tryavon, man. It’s time to make a social & communal shift or – sad to say – all this tragedy will have been in vain.

      If Black men don’t start becoming accountable for “our” progress, in the same way that we’ve been responsible for our regress, then all the voice lifting will have been for naught.


  4. Treyvon says:

    Are you kidding me? here we go again. Just watched a recap of the la riots over that worthless criminal Rodney king. This piece of shit was speeding, endangering everyones lives, running from the cops, high and drunk. when he gets pulled over he gets an ass whipping!!! GOOD, he deserved it. Yet the black criminals in LA feel this is equal to pullung someone out of their truck and smashing their head in with a brick???? Someone who is actually at work, driving his truck, trying to earn a living. There is no comparison between reginal denny and rodney king. Reginald is a hero while rodney is a waste of space. Notice since he caused all of this, he was arrested 7 more times and eventually dies a loser criminal. BYE loser. This was just another excuse for the “Poor poor abused blacks to go out and rob, steal and hurt people. How is stealing a tv justified because of the outcome of a court case? I guess every time a violent black criminal gets set free by the courts, the whites should riot. Except were not stupid enough to ruin our own neighborhood. And during the middle of the day, you cant find 1000 whites just standing on the corner to begin with. Whats with that?!?!? The solution is, take south central for yourselves. We will put a big fence around it. you run it like a country. You run the businesses, be the police, etc..etc.. In 6 months, lets see what your world would look like. It would be complete anarchy. You wouldnt be able to leave your front door. (not that you can now without getting robbed.) Want some advice, pull yourselves up off the ground, do something with your lives. Get to school, shit you get to go for free, meanwhile, im scraping dimes together to save for my kids tuition. Whos got it rough? Move out of the hood or clean it up. Arrest every gang member and hood standing on a corner and FIND THEIR PARENTS!!! if they dont have any and they are under 18, off to juvenile hall until they can become part of society. over 18, either show us your proof of where you live or GET the hell out of there. Military on every corner. Strip searches on every block. I’ll clean your shit up!!! open the prison doors and free everyone whos in there for a little pot and start filling them with these scumbags. Let them kill each other in prison, not on the streets where other people are trying to live their lives.
    Just my 2 cents!!
    The Shark!!


  5. Treyvon says:

    Any now my 2 cents on treyvon.
    No Z should not have profiled him, no Z should not have followed him, but thats not illegal. The bottom line is if it were, the popparazzi would all be in jail. Try got pissed, turned around and started a fight with someone who had a gun. Bad move. dead. Case closed.


  6. Krissy says:

    wow. . .


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