9 Signs That You Listen To Too Much Rap Music


Words by Tony Grands

Music is one of the most powerful energies ever known to mankind. & certain types of rap music in general can have a damaging effect on your subconscience if you let it.

Before long, you’ll be emulating all the things your favorite rappers do, no matter how good or bad that may be.

Now ask yourself; do you listen to too much rap music?

If you can’t answer that, follow me over to TheUrbanDaily.com & find out…[Jump to TUD]

Words by Tony Grands


4 comments on “9 Signs That You Listen To Too Much Rap Music

  1. jason says:

    I disagree. Rap music has been blamed for the misbehavior of and negative influence of young men and women since its rise in pop culture. However, as a child of the hip hop era, I firmly believe that those who allow rap, or any music, for that manner to control their actions, are weak minded people and will be influenced by just about anything.


    • Tony Grands says:

      The post was mostly a (comical) nod to the ridiculous behavior of rappers as opposed to blaming rap music for how people behave.

      I agree; anyone who’s influenced by “entertainment” so much that it causes behavioral disruption has a problem much greater than the type of music they choose to listen to.

      I was born in ’76. I’m a child of Hip Hop from when the DJ took presidence over the rapper. When rappers weren’t even respected if they didn’t have dancers. When rappers didn’t use full names but rather intials & adjectives as their monikers. I had a copy of Suger Hill Gang’s record, feel me?

      I can dig it…


    • Tony Grands says:

      I just noticed who this is…LMAO!!! Sup bruh?


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