6 Reasons Why @Twitter Will Survive Until The End Of Days


Words by Tony Grands

Twitter gets bashed a lot, & it’s understandable. But like it or not, Twitter is a yellow star in the internet’s complex universe.

When the smoke clears, it will stand as the Grand Dragon of social media. Trust me.

If you don’t believe it, you are in denial. In the meantime, check out these 6 reasons why it will be here long after everything else in the world erodes…


2 comments on “6 Reasons Why @Twitter Will Survive Until The End Of Days

  1. Krissy says:

    i could not ever use twitter and still be cool. It never became important to me so I can not log on for weeks and not care lol. But I do agree with all of your points. By now not social media would have faded away but Twitter is still holding on. I think it and instagram will last foreva! lol


  2. Jamal7Mile says:

    Exactly what I needed to read, Tony. I never did catch the Twitter bug, but I attribute that to Facebook being there “first” when I initially bit into the Social Media/Comment Section hook. No need to explain how XXL first reeled me in back in 2008. Whew, what an outlet!

    My twitter account, Jamal7Mile, is dusty as hell. You might still see a profile pic of me in front of a ’68? green Plymouth Fury III that I installed power brakes/steering onto at an old auto repair job I had at the time. It was neccessary for a car that old to handle rims that big.

    >>>fast fwd…

    Everyday I’m finding more and more reasons to fully embrace Twitter with the same daily effort I put into Facebook. I guess it’s different with every individual out there whether or not they are primarily on Twitter or FB. The 140 thingy on Twitter turns me off. I’m a multi-paragraph writer as you can tell. But I do like the wider audience that can be accessed on Twitter, as opposed to just your pre-approved “friends” on FB, when you’ve REALLY got something to say or share.

    With all of that being said, I feel the need to strike a balance between the two. Five days from now I’ll be in Brooklyn, NY for my first ever trip to the Big Apple. I absolutely MUST document this trip with my peeps (August 8-11, btw) and I feel that this is a great opportunity to use my Twitter account to its fullest potential. August 8th, I arrive in Brooklyn for check-in at my hotel. Later that night I’ll be at Brooklyn Bowl (Brooklynbowl.com) partying with Questlove behind the ones and twos. I’ll be going on a Hip-Hop tour with Hushtours.com on August 9th, and watching my Detroit Tigers whoop the Yankees on the 10th. While my plane brings me back to Detroit Sunday morning, I’m looking for reasons to miss my flight (or extend my stay for the right price) so that I can celebrate the Birth of HIP-HOP in NEW YORK on AUGUST 11TH!!

    Best believe I’ll do my best to document this Epic trip (mid-life crisis?) on Twitter, FB and perhaps a soon-to-be-made Instagram account. It’s really important to me, and I can’t wait to share it with my Commission fam (and those random folks who follow me on Twitter for whatever reason).

    Stay tuned, Brother Grands!!


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