The Breakdown: Awon & Phoniks Return to the Golden Era [Review]


Words by Krissy

As a true fan of old school Hip Hop I can appreciate the direction of rapper Awon & producer Phoniks’ album Return to the Golden Era.

The album takes you back to a time when hip hop was more than just flossing and big booty hoes. Their goal seemed to be to produce a product that sounds like it was made in the 90s and is just seeing the light of day in 2013, mission completely accomplished!

The beats are made in such a way that they don’t overshadow the lyrical content. The delivery by the lyricists are clear and concise. I didn’t hear a bunch of nonsensical gibberish like many of the artist of right now.  I was able to sit back, bob my head and take it all in.

The Jazz feel is strong with this album. The horns and piano keys give it a real grown up, mature feel that I found myself really into.

Return to the Golden Era by Awon & Phoniks reminds me a lot of Rakim, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Digable Planets ( in a non cheesy sport of way ) of the early 90s. That east coast mixed with a little Jazz to make it funky.

Stand Out Tracks:
Forever Ill ft. Dephlow & Tiff The Gift
Get Yours

I recommend this album if you are into old school Hip Hop. If you are into what’s hot right now today you won’t get down with this much at all but true Hip Hop heads will play it and vibe from beginning to end. If I had to give it stars I’d give it 4 out of 5. The last star is missing because while I love old School Hip Hop I also don’t want to feel like I’m back in the 90s. I’d love to feel like it was a current album but I just didn’t get that vibe, however, I feel like that was the point. You be the judge.

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Words by Krissy


4 comments on “The Breakdown: Awon & Phoniks Return to the Golden Era [Review]

  1. markdub7 says:

    Yo…I’m willing to check out anybody who can appeal to my old man longings for what I consider real hip hop.


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  3. don says:

    Good read, Krissy. I had never heard of the group but will now YouTube the group since you are a fan of old school hip hip and compare Return to The Golden Era to the sounds of my rap heroes Eric B & Rakim. I didn’t even know you listened to rap! Lol. Too cool. My friend and I always discuss the golden era of rap (’88) and cringe at what the music has become. I still love her though.


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