In The News: Craigslist Culprits


Words by Chan Bam

LAPD arrested 2 members of AP (Armenian Power) this week, after tracing their whereabouts through a stolen iPhone 5.

The two men were arrested for an aggravated robbery they participated in this weekend, when the unsuspecting seller of computer equipment on Craigslist, became a victim of robbery and assault.

The 24 year old, Panorama City resident, met them in a Van Nuys McDonald’s parking lot Saturday evening, thinking he was meeting a buyer for this used treasures. Little did he know, the iPhone 5 he held in his hand, suddenly became the desired equipment.

One of the suspects, pretty much bullied the victim to a nearby car, where he was met by 2 other suspects, one with a gun.

According to the police report, there was struggle for the phone, once the victim was met with this fate. PAUSE. Why is there a struggle for a phone when a gun is involved?
Needless to say, the victim lost #TheStruggle, hence his label as “the victim.”

Once the backseat suspect gained control over the phone, the driver took off, unknowingly dragging the victim for several feet. Apparently his shirt didn’t get the memo and wanted to continue the fight in the car. The victim suffered from scrapes and burns from the short “drag race” but thankfully survived.

Police were able to track down the phone by “pinging” it – tracing the signal to the home of two of the suspects, making an arrest. Unfortunately for the victim, their search of the suspects’ home did not turn up the phone – it had already been sold, online – through Craigslist – the irony.

Two things taken away from this story: it might be better to just list your stuff on eBay or take it to the local pawn shop. Secondly, an iPhone is just that – a phone. There’s no app for bullet proof vests – when there’s life or death involved, make sure you’re on the living end. Give up the phone and live ya life.


Words by Chan Bam


One comment on “In The News: Craigslist Culprits

  1. markdub7 says:

    Dude prah’li just didn’t want anyone to see that he’d been perusing beastality porn on his mobile device. Lol! Lock your screen and erase your histories kids!


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