In The News: Is It 4:20 Yet?


Words by Chan Bam

Been a long day – needy clients, boss on your back and the 405. After cooking, cleaning and quieting down the house, you kick your feet up, roll one – inhale, then pass it to your 5 year old.
Sounds suspect?

Not to this Coloradoan couple – Matt & Paige Figi, who struggled to get control over their 3 month old twin daughter’s (Charlie) unforeseen nightmare – severe seizures.

CNN reports, the parents recall doctors telling them “it’s probably going to go away…it is unusual in that it’s so severe, but it’s probably something she’ll grow out of.” As a parent, hearing the words “unusual” and “severe” don’t exactly ring as adjectives that convey a sense of hope for my 3 month old baby, who’s now having 2-4 hour frequent seizures.

According to the report, after many tests, scans, and work ups, a doctor on the team suggested, one of three possible diagnoses – the worst being Dravet Syndrome. It’s a rare form of cataclysmic epilepsy that starts during infancy – uncontrollable by medicine. In the first two years seizures make their presence known through involuntary muscle spasms and status epilepticus, (seizures that last more than 30 minutes or arrive in clusters, back to back).

One can only imagine how the toll of such a condition and heavy dosage of medication can adversely affect a child’s fragile body. For 2 years, the Figis tried a special diet that helped control the seizures, but much like medicine, had brow-raising side effects.

Charlie, by this time almost 5 – had lost the ability to talk, walk and eat – hospitals could offer no more assistance. Parents, desperate to say the least, sought ‘alternative’ solution.

Matt, Charlie’s father, found an online video in his research, of a California boy who’s Dravet was being treated, successfully, by cannabis. Yep – that Cali green. That sticky-icky. The ONLY woman some of you niggas will EVER commit to – Mary Jane. No, not you Gabrielle Union, we’ll let BET and Wade do their best at committing to you.

Needless to say, the Figis took the risk of this “new age” solution, giving themselves and Charlie, back what was once lost – not just the ability to talk, walk (now ride her bike) and eat (#TheMunchies) – but hope. Au naturale #LookAtGod

So, why isn’t weed legal again? Don’t worry *pulls out zig zags* I’ll wait.

For all the in-betweens, full story and to see how this tale ends in true Tyler Perry fashion, check out

Words by Chan Bam


One comment on “In The News: Is It 4:20 Yet?

  1. markdub7 says:

    Marijuana is a powerful substance. I love that every day people are sharing the positive aspects and healing power of the it in spite of the demonization of it by those who want to keep it from being made legal. I don’t even chief and can see how beneficial it can be.


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