Happy Birthday, Hip Hop!: My 3 Most Memorable Moments In The World’s Wackiest Culture


Words by Tony Grands

According to popular opinion, yesterday (August 11) was Hip Hop culture’s birthday. In honor of this joyous occasion, I wanted to share 3 personal Hip Hop memories that will always stick out in my mind when I reminisce. I’m sure you have your own, so feel free to share. We’d love to hear read them.

Also, check out my buddy Dart Adams’ Hip Hop’s birthday piece in NPR.org.

Happy born day, Hip Hop!

Tha Dogg Pound In Beverly Hills
Back in the late 90s, I wrote for a small indie publication called ABFUNCK MAGAZINE. It was a 3-5 man operation, run out of the back porch of a small printing company’s West L.A. office. I loved being in there; I enjoyed learning the business & rubbing elbows with all types of people. The editor was a pothead back then, so of course that was a bonus to a young, broke, actually starving artist.

Of all the fun we had, my favorite moment was when the editor, a french lady (accent & all) who served as writer/photographer, & myself traveled to the Beverly Palms Hotel, in Beverly Hills, to interview rapper/producer Daz (of Tha Dogg Pound) & producer Soopafly for an upcoming project. I can’t remember exactly what the release was, & for that matter, I can’t remember my day after we left. Why? Because these cats were blowing purple, yellow, & red weed in copious amounts. Back to back baseball bat blunts. & mind you, this was long before medical marijuana was so readily available to anyone who could afford the “doctor’s” fee.

Unlike the gangsta music they were known for at that time, they were actually 2 of the friendliest industry dudes I’d met up to that point. Of course, I immortalized the moment with a photograph, because cameras weren’t yet taking pictures.


3 comments on “Happy Birthday, Hip Hop!: My 3 Most Memorable Moments In The World’s Wackiest Culture

  1. markdub7 says:

    Cool story, bro. Nowadays, I hardly want to meet artists I dig musically for fear that they’ll be major assholes and I won’t be able to reconcile that w/a love for their music anymore.


  2. […] & to think; this happened just in time for Hip Hop to celebrate it’s 40th Birthday… […]


  3. Krissy says:

    smh @ Mack 10. He wanted to work with my Ms.Toi. They went to high school together. When she gets to the studio he’s not talking about music, all he’s talking about is trying to have sex with her. She’s been good on him since


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