All In The Same Gang: 11 Responses To Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse


Words by Tony Grands

You knew it was coming, right? Call it a backlash, a battle roy-al, or just simply the spark Hip Hop music needed to wake up, but K. Dot’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” has ignited something fiery in the pit of collective rappers’ stomachs all across the country.

Listen to “Control” here via The Smoking Section.

Whether you’re with or against [King] Kendrick Lamar, here are 11 responses to him setting the rap world on it’s ear, literally.

B.o.B “How To Rap

Joell Ortiz “Outta Control

Mickey Factz “South Park

Meek Mill Interview

Tsu Surf “Letter To Mr. Lamar

Astro “KONY

King Los “Control

Fred Da Godson “Say My Name

Kevin Hart Video

Mysonne “Uncontrollable

Lupe Fiasco “SLR 2

Best believe this list will continue to grow over the next 48 or so hours.

& to think; this happened just in time for Hip Hop to celebrate it’s 40th Birthday

Words by Tony Grands


3 comments on “All In The Same Gang: 11 Responses To Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse

  1. Krissy says:

    Kendrick knew what he was doing. Its so funny to me that people took what he was saying a diss be it clearly was not. it was just a call and they answered


  2. jason says:

    I listened to all these guys, and its sad, really really sad that a non-diss, step your game up song has brought so many estrogen filled, emotional responses from rappers. Most of these guys are more upset that Kendrick claims to be the King Of New York instead of the fact that he called out ONLY the relevant artist right now. Most of the ones claiming underground simply just don’t have what it takes to create a multifaceted fan base so now they just revert to what they can do which is mediocre battle rap. It like Jay-Z once said, “Please don’t throw rocks at the throne.” I have heard a lot of rebuttals and none have impressed me. It’s like Bruce Lee calling out the other martial artist, letting them take a punch, and still no one can touch him. I feel sorry for these new cross gender artist.


  3. Krissy says:

    now you know i was gonna go back and listen to all of these right!? lol Let me give you my very short summer of each. But before I do that let me say something. I think the dudes from NY took what Kendrick said too personal. I think all they focused on was the King of NY line and didn’t hear anything else he said. All of their responses came from that place which I didn’t like at all. I thought that was wack AF. Address it but don’t make your phone come back about it. And most of these dudes are so salty they weren’t mentioned it made me literally LMAO!

    B.O.B- Nice

    Joelle Ortiz- Good but nah you took too personal. We get it, you’re from new york now have a seat!

    Mickey Factz- Wack!!!

    TSU Surf – WACKER! He sounds like he’s about to cry the entire time. I could hardly get through it.

    Astro- BOOOOOO!!!!!

    King Los- Yawn. That shat was SO boring

    Fred the Godson- “rolls eyes hella hard”

    Kevin Hart- I died laughing!!

    Lupe- WTF are you even talking about? Kick push right on off the mic and have several seats!

    I couldn’t listen to Mysonne. I don’t facebook

    And Meek Mille is wack to me but he said some true stuff. He understood what Kendrick was doing. Just trying to wack hip hop up! It’s been sleeping too long.


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