In The News: Full O’Sh*t (Not Sunshine) Florida

Words by Chan Bam

As if Trayvon Martin wasn’t enough, those in an “authoritative” position continue to display their disdain for African Americans, as a Pensacola Floridian was badly beaten late last month and story seems to have been kept under wraps.

Devon Walker says he was attacked by two officers responding to a call from an associate, regarding a fight that had broken out over a cell phone.

He and his wife, Tiffany, were leaving a trailer (wrong place to be playa) in the heat of an argument about a cell phone. One of the alleged associates, Dustin Burns, was being apologetic about the incident, when another, Ryan McGuire (white) spewed racial slurs, calling Walker everything but a child of God.

In the midst of his verbal assault, he also called the authorities, to which, two Sheriff’s showed up to calm the trailer scene.

According to Tiffany, McGuire accused her husband of robbing him – calling him more racial slurs – nigger, to be specific.

The officers told both associates to go back inside, at which point, they grabbed and attacked Walker – kicking him in the face – leaving both his eyes bloodied like a scene out of a horror film (see graphic photos at:

Ironically, there were “technical difficulties” that prevented the deputy’s vehicle camera to catch the incident on film. According to their filed report though, there were claims that two while males were lying on the floor of the trailer, bloodied; along with Devon Walker, also with blood on him.

That story don’t even make NO kinda sense #GoodLuckWithThat
Dear Florida – f*ck YOU!

Words by Chan Bam


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