#InTheNews: Reality TV Behind the Pulpit


Words by Chan Bam 

This fall, Oxygen – the network known for “living out loud,” will be premiering quite the Christian controversial show, “Preachers of L.A.

As if pastors don’t get enough television time, the network is presenting some of your “men of the cloth” in a new light – one that may not shine so brightly (insert hymn – This Little Light of Mine – here).

The premise of the show is to give an inside look on the lives, calling and struggles of these men of God. While they all hold a position with great responsibility, it will also serve as a reminder, they’re human just like each one of us. There is no temptation, struggle or circumstance they are exempt to.

I personally watched the trailer a while back, and it raised my brow – as I’m sure they intended to do. It only whets my appetite to see more – good job Oxygen.

The show features pastors some may have heard of or even frequented their place of worship. Here’s a peek at some ministers in the lineup:
Bishop Noel Jones – City of Refuge, Gardena, CA
Brother of the infamous Grace Jones and ex of Lisa Raye #hmmm
Bishop leads a growing congregation of 15k and is a prominent leader in the church community.
Bishop Clarence McClendon – Full Harvest International, Gardena, CA
International charismatic pastor, who may most be remembered by the secular world, as one part of a scandalous divorce and new marriage, one week after.
Minister Deitrick Haddon – most known for his contemporary/R&B gospel music, is also joining the cast. As a PK and former pastor himself, I don’t doubt he has a lot to bring to the table.
Next month, the network will be bringing the pulpit to social media. Tuesday, September 3rd, the preachers will deliver a digital sermon via Twitter #boom

The “Twitter Sermon” will spotlight their lives – both behind the pulpit & their personal lives #NoSelfies (Eddie Long).

Fans and followers can find their way to this sermon on the mount by following @PreachersofLA for more info
I don’t want to give too many deets on these guys, as you gotta see the trailer and watch the show for yourself. I got a feeling, some sh*ts gonna hit the church fan #hallelujah
Dear Oxygen, you’re making it hard to breathe.

Sincerely, some devastated religious person, somewhere cringing at the thought of this show.

Jesus wept.
Words by Chan Bam


One comment on “#InTheNews: Reality TV Behind the Pulpit

  1. Krissy says:

    This is actually something I’m interested in watching. I’m gonna give it a look then see how I feel.


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