#InTheNews: “Where You From, Ese?”

Words by Chan Bam

Nationwide sweep by feds reels in nearly 300 gang members, over half belonging to the infamous violent gang – MS-13.

CNN reports federal agents, in conjunction with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were targeting MS-13 specifically, trying to get their hands on members with serious offenses, i.e. murder, assault, robbery, kidnapping, etc.

The sweep began in July, ending earlier this month. In the same swoop, those on immigration violations were also caught in the dustpan. #StepYourGreenCardGameUp

Without a doubt, authorities hit the jackpot when it came to ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and also ‘recreational’ drugs – 10 keys of Mary Jane, 123 grams of coke and nearly 800 grams of heroin – to be exact #CashMoney.

If you’ve ever watched “Gangland” then you know just how merciless the MS-13 gang is and the gives ZERO f*cks about anyone. Agent officials were quoted to call them “one of the most dangerous transnational criminal gangs in the world today.”

If you’re from L.A. you’ll know this to be true and can testify to the size of this gang, because on damn near every Los Angeles corner, there’s someone of Hispanic decent possibly slangin oranges, tacos, flowers, mystery fruit, or tamales. #hustling

The MS-13 gang was started in Los Angeles, by Salvadoran immigrants years ago back in the 80s. Most members distinguish themselves with the gang’s branded on their body, in true Old English tattoo form – on their face, heads, necks, backs, anywhere they can get it – you will know an MS-13 when you see one. Since the gang’s influence has spread beyond the borders of the U.S. authorities have seemingly been working harder on cracking down on their game of multiplicity – dividing and conquering with victories like today’s report.

According to the report, last October (#Libras) Obama’s administration called them out, and made it their goal to put a stop to their drug and sex trafficking activities. #RedLight

While it may seem like they’ve won a victory, there’s still much more work to do. Getting a handle on a gang this powerful, may take an act of God to contain.
Words by Chan Bam


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