#InTheNews: Bob Filner, Dirty Old Man

Words by Chan Bam

San Diego’s mayor, Bob Filner, began second-day negotiations this morning regarding the sexual harassment scandals we’ve been privy to as of late.

The dirty old man is been accused of several sexual mischievous acts, such as forceful kissing, inappropriate comments, sexual innuendos and appalling behavior, by 16 different women.

The mayor entered rehab last month, voluntarily, after admitting he “failed to fully respect the women who work for me and with me.” My thought is this voluntary rehab, was a desperate attempt to put him in a better light #NOT

In last month’s news, it was noted Filner stated he’d return to work, Monday, August 19th. However, the plagued perv hasn’t been in the office yet – as he’s a bit busy right now in mediation. Even if he did return, he doesn’t have a key, as the city’s chief of staff changed the locks on Filner’s office (supposedly to preserve evidence).

According to CNN’s report, roughly 81% of city residents want the bastard OUT. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) reported to NBC News, that their leaders are planning to request Filner to resign this week. Surprisingly, this man hasn’t budged in his position and not spoken on any resignation, despite the many complaints, calls and urges to have him removed.

Gloria Allred, a women’s rights lawyer, is all over this like gravy on a biscuit! She, along with upset residents of San Diego are moving petitions to get him recalled #TotalRecall

In the meantime, the city is on edge, as they wait to hear the outcome of this week’s meetings.
“You stay classy San Diego” 
and as for YOU Filner, “Go f*ck yourself” #RonBurgundy

Words by Chan Bam


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