#InTheNews: Lebray Z Stops Traffic In Miami

Words by Miss Krissy

LeBron James was given a police escort to the Jay-Z concert last Friday. This was against police protocol, the Miami Dade Police Department told TMZ. The police were helping James avoid traffic by giving him a ride to the concert and now someone is gonna be in trouble for it.

Miami-Dade PD initially denied involvement in the police escort — blatant favoritism — but a rep for the department now tells us its officers were the ones who accompanied LeBron to the Jay Z show.

The rep says LeBron was stuck in standstill traffic at 191st street Friday night and its officers escorted him to the Sun Life Stadium on 199th street … a total of 8 blocks.

There is an investigation going on to find out what cops were involved. LeBron is the one getting them all caught up because he posted a video of this special treatment.

Word is Jay wasn’t going to start his show until James showed up. I guess some of us are just exempt from the rules. It’s worth mentioning that these two fellows have been involved in a bromance for years, so this should come as a surprise to no one.

(Source: TMZ)

Words by Miss Krissy


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