#InTheNews: Power of Prayer & Kind Words


Words by Chan Bam
Yesterday morning, a troubled young man entered a Decatur elementary school – armed with an AK47 along with additional ammunition – seemingly prepped for war. But the battle he’s fighting doesn’t seem to be physical.

Michael Brandon Hill has a bit of a seedy past, with traces of violence – including a death threat via text to his brother, to which he was placed on probation and ordered to take anger management courses. From this week’s incident – doesn’t look like those classes are working or that he’s even attended any. #SMH
As of right now, there’s no connection to the elementary school and Hill, but investigators are working to uncover his reasoning for picking that school, with that amount of ammunition (allegedly 500 rounds) and type of weapon. His intent is also unclear, but is being reported it may not have been to kill anyone.
At the onset of such an event, naturally great concern blankets the minds of teachers, students, families and officials, but the outcome was one pleasantly unexpected.
CNN reports, one of the employees at McNair Discovery Academy, was able to talk Hill down and even get him to unpack his ammunition. How’d this brave woman do it? Through prayer, she says #hallelujah
Antoinette Tuff told ABC, she was able to connect with him and told him she loved him, after Hill explained to her, no one seemed to care or loved him. She also shared with the network, her secret to remaining calm, enabling her to talk him out of whatever deadly or harmful plan he had in mind, “I just prayed the whole time.”
Authorities reported that the suspect admitted to not having taken his medication – which was not disclosed. That statement alone gives much insight on this young man’s behavior and problematic choices he’s made up to this point.
Hill faces several charges, which authorities are still working on. He could be facing said charges in court, as early as tomorrow.
The school and community are grateful for Antoinette Tuff, as her kind words and prayers, kept their children and families out of harms way.
So why was prayer banned in schools again? #DontWorryIllWait

Words by Chan Bam


One comment on “#InTheNews: Power of Prayer & Kind Words

  1. ATLs.Marc.of.Excellence says:

    She deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor, the rest of the year paid vacation (or at least a 10% raise), and a Nobel Peace Prize (nomination)


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