#InTheNews: Let The Dogs Loose — Arsenio’s Back

Words by Chan Bam

If you haven’t heard already, 90s popular late-night talk show host, Arsenio Hall is returning to television this fall, after a 20 year hiatus. According to TODAY.com, he was quoted saying “I’ve got to get my hustle on.”

That statement alone lets me know, he’s walking back into this thing with humility.

Even after so many years of being around and stacking as many contacts and connections as Hall, he calls himself the new guy.

Viewers can expect the same popping personality Hall always presented, but this time he says he wants to do things different, like #2Chainz.

    “I’m different, so my show has to be different.”

While his interview didn’t reveal just how different Hall wanted this show to be, it’d be safe to suspect his guests are at the top of that list to set him apart. He shared an experience from way back when, about Mariah Carey.

Mariah publicly debuted herself on his show, by performing “Vision of Love.” At that time Hall recalls being excited to interview the now mega-star, but was shut down by her ‘husband-ger,’ Tommy Mottola – who informed him there would be no interview.

Well fast forward 20 years. With Carey now married to Nick Cannon and Hall back in the cushy chair, he’s able to get the interview he was deprived of – which probably makes this opportunity that much more special. #TakeThatMottola
Hall is entering this arena, not with the glitz and glam of late-night TV king, but as a humble servant, just happy to be back where he belongs and doing what he loves.
The show airs September 9th on KTLA (for Los Angeles). Check out his site for your local listing: ArsenioHall.com

Words by Chan Bam


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