#InTheNews: Switzerland Presents — Sex In A Box


Words by Chan Bam

While Switzerland is known for their delectable Swiss chocolate – that is NOTHING compared to the aphrodisiac they’re boxing now… Sex.
Yep, you read that right.

Switzerland, who legalized prostitution back in 1942, started their country’s first “sex boxes” in Zurich. “What is a sex box?” you ask. It’s definitely way more than Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg was offering in their 2006 Christmas ballad “Dick In A Box” on Saturday Night Live.

It’s a row of drive-in wooden garages on a ‘back street’ of sorts, where “clients,” if you will, can pull in (#NoPunIntended) and visit prostitutes – away from judging eyes.
The booming business brings in nearly $4 billion Swiss francs a year. With those numbers in play, the number of applicants has shot through the roof over the last ten years. With these ‘sex boxes’ in place, it removes the seedy business from the public eye, keeping their streets seemingly, pristine.

The boxes are complete with panic buttons, showers and even a laundry room and health workers on site. Supporters of this say, it offers security to the ‘working girls’ and privacy to their clients. Don’t forget, the on-site clinic, which helps monitor the wellness and offer contraceptives to the “ladies.”

The way it works is, men can come to the site, choose a prostitute from wooden shelters, then park his vehicle in one of the drive-in boxes to be serviced. Unfortunately, for guys who like to push the limit, no threesomes are allowed – single passenger service only. #TheIrony

They say fast food isn’t good for you, I wonder if folks feel the same way about this new drive-thru p*ssy factory they got goin over there.

What say you America?
Words by Chan Bam


2 comments on “#InTheNews: Switzerland Presents — Sex In A Box

  1. ATLs.Marc.of.Excellence says:

    *d!ck in a box!*
    *d!ck in a box!*
    Switzerland (?)
    Sex in a box!


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