#InTheNews: Stacey Dean Rambold Gets 30 Days For Rape, Victim Commits Suicide


Words by Chan Bam

Tragic day for a mother, whose lost her teenage daughter to suicide, only to be spat in the face by the justice system – sentencing the high school teacher that raped her to a mere 30 days in jail.

Per CNN reports, Auilea Hanlon is emotionally distraught this week, as Judge Todd Baugh stated her daughter “seemed older than her chronological age” and was “as much in control of the situation” as the defendant – Stacey Dean Rambold.

The case started in 2008, when Hanlon’s daughter was 14 years old. She was mentally seduced by her much, much older teacher, age 49 at the time. When the school found out, Rambold resigned and was charged with three counts of non-consensual intercourse.

During the trial, the judge said some unnerving things that would leave any parent angered. It’s noted that Judge Baugh’s overall attitude seemed uncaring, as he basically said she looked older than she was, therefore, she almost invited the acts to take place. The report also stated that the judge said:

    It was not a violent, forcible, beat-the-victim rape, like you see in the movies. But it was nonetheless a rape. It was a troubled young girl…”

That statement alone is demeaning to the teen, as he’d never personally known her to label her as troubled, but it was more of an assumption – stereotypical one at best.

Baugh later apologized for his statement about the age, but his sorry apology doesn’t add on time to Rambold’s sentence, nor does it bring back Auilea Hanlon’s daughter, who took her own life, as a result of a deep depression she fell into, during the trial.

The judge felt there was insufficient evidence that Rambold’s actions are what caused Hanlon’s daughter to commit suicide, therefore, he gave Rambold an option to join a sex offender program, which would restrict him from any contact with children and also meet other agreements.

Well, Rambold admitted to one of the rape charges, but didn’t quite meet all the set requirements of the agreement. He’d gone to a family gathering, where there were under-aged nieces and nephews, stating there were other adults around. He’d also had relationships with women that he negated to tell his counselor about. Rambold was dropped from the program and the case was revived in 2012.

The prosecution asked for 20 years for his offenses but Judge Baugh felt his infractions weren’t severe enough. #bullshit He sentenced Rambold to 15 years then suspended all but 30 days.

The Montana Organization of Women started a petition to get this judge removed, as it’s obvious he doesn’t give 2 f*cks about Hanlon’s daughter, nor women for that fact. It seems as if even in the teen’s death, she’s being punished for looking older than her tender age of 14. She took her own life a few weeks before her 17th birthday.

So much for Sweet 16.

Words by Chan Bam


2 comments on “#InTheNews: Stacey Dean Rambold Gets 30 Days For Rape, Victim Commits Suicide

  1. Tony Grands says:

    Saddest part of this story is that the dismissal of the rape victims is an all too common plot line. God bless her family.


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