The Checklist: You Might Be Ratchet If… (Black Girl Edition)


Words by Tony Grands

I have a theory that the word “ratchet” (both a noun & an adjective) — which is urban slanguage for a girl with ghetto tendencies or a young lady who operates with less class than socially acceptable — derived from the term “hood rat”. Again, this is purely speculation, but I believe the popular 90s term “hood rat” was flipped & contrived into “rat chick,” morphed into “ratchet” at some ridiculous point in time & the rest is present-day history.

Now, while the word “ratchet” has yet to make it’s way into the Oxford Dictionary family (although I don’t doubt it’s headed their faster than the police to a call about Chris Brown), it’s still a viable word that carries plenty of grammatical weight.

I predict you’ll hear Bart Simpson calling his sister Lisa “ratchet” by next year. & he’ll call her that because she’ll be watching a Miley Cyrus “How To Twerk It!” video on YouTube, but that’s neither here nor there.

Caution: Do not let the classic prototype template of being (a) ratchet fool you. You could be one without even knowing it. So, put the blunt down & read on, because you might be ratchet if…


11 comments on “The Checklist: You Might Be Ratchet If… (Black Girl Edition)

  1. Krissy says:

    I laugh every time baby boy is on. Contrary to popular belief it is a comedy. If we took it serious it would have never become a cult classic


  2. Curtis75Black says:

    You know what Tony, I just finished reading this post LMAO & in coincidence Nas’ Stillmatic “Braveheart Party” 2nd verse ended. Listen to it, you’ll understand.


  3. […] Previously on TTGDC — after a brief history lesson on the term “ratchet” — we visited the Black Girl Edition of why she may be “ratchet” & totally oblivious to it. Well, today, in true gentrification fashion, we ceremoniously flip the cultural script & lay out the same paradigm for White chicks. […]


  4. chan says:

    well I put my cell phone in my bra all the time out of convenience – didnt think that was ratchet, but I guess I am. all that other sh*t tho…is ratchet AF and I participates in NONE of it! LOL


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