The Checklist: You Might Be Ratchet If… (White Girl Edition)


Words by Tony Grands

Previously on TTGDC — after a brief history lesson on the term “ratchet” — we visited the Black Girl Edition of why she may be “ratchet” & totally oblivious to it. Well, today, in true gentrification fashion, we ceremoniously flip the cultural script & lay out the same paradigm for White chicks.

White chicks aren’t inherently ratchet, unless they were raised in some seedy Trailer Park community in the middle of the woods. & let’s be honest; ghettos & real trailer parks bear striking resemblences to one another. Otherwise, it’s a trait that has to be adopted & manipulated to fit the specific needs of the particular person at hand. Nonetheless, society is now teeming with ratchets of all colors, shapes, & sizes, & half of them have no idea.

Caution: Do not let the classic prototype template of being (a) ratchet fool you. You could be one without even knowing it. So, put the blunt down & read on, because you might be ratchet if…


3 comments on “The Checklist: You Might Be Ratchet If… (White Girl Edition)

  1. Krissy says:

    damn i guess im a racist white girl too! *smacks forehead* I root for Chris Brown to get it together all the time. I know he can and i enjoy is craft.


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