#InTheNews: The Kardashian Kurse?

Words by Chan Bam

Odom hits headlines again with trouble.

TMZ reported this morning, that the current free-agent was pulled over by CHP around 4 a.m. for driving too slow. Once stopped, the officer suspected the NBA star was driving under the influence and commenced a number of field sobriety tests, all of which he failed.

He was arrested and booked on suspicion of DUI of drugs and/or alcohol and being held on $15k bail – which I’m sure he’s posted by the time this story posts.

Lamar has been in the news lately for accusations of drug abuse – crack to be specific. Whether or not that’s true, his DUI arrest doesn’t help him look like a prime candidate for contract signing.

Unfortunately for Odom, the Los Angeles Clippers are seemingly veering away from the NBA forward. This type of negative news, doesn’t quite spell out team pride. Lamar may need to take some time to clear up his personal issues before trying to focus on his game.
Could this be the Kardashian Kurse? hmmmmm

Words by Chan Bam


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