#InTheNews: Justice Served? Rapist Awaits HIV Test Results

Words by Chan Bam

Richard Thomas, a UK residence, has been convicted of rape and sentenced to five years, but that sentence means nothing compared to the one he’s awaiting.

The 27-year-old offender has learned his victim has HIV and he may have possibly contracted it as a result of his crime. Unfortunately, he won’t get the results until Friday. Talk about death row…yikes.

Karma, anyone?

The convict/victim (not really sure if he’s both just yet) claims he was high during the offense and doesn’t recall the incident. He also stated he knew the victim and was aware that she was ill, but was clearly unaware of her affliction. Huffington Post UK reported earlier today that he collapsed at the news presented to him.

Judge Mark Brown was noted saying the defendant committed the crime while the victim was asleep (under medication). His lawyer stated, “It’s his own fault, if he had not committed this offense, he would not have placed himself in this position.” #BOOM
Should his results come back HIV positive, he’ll know what it feels like to be an unwilling participant in an heinous situation. God don’t like ugly and I’m sure He’s not keen on rapists either.

Words by Chan Bam


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