WTF? LOL!: The 10 Greatest Acronyms In Internet History


Words by Tony Grands

There is no question that the way people communicate online is reshaping how humans interact with one another in real life. Every day the lines between actual & viral become more & more blurred, with flesh-based conversations seeing more & more usage of terms that were birthed on the keyboards & touchscreens of mankind’s electronic devices.

It’s gotten so bad that smartphones now auto-finish or auto-correct you with popular acronyms. Beyond that, “LOL” — among others — has found homes in dictionaries & on popular television shows. As we inch pretentiously closer to a digital world, this type of make-believe language will only become further ingrained in the proverbial DNA of future human beings.

In honor of the fact that one day we’ll all be talking in fragmented code words, let’s take a look at the 10 greatest acronyms in Internet history, shall we?


2 comments on “WTF? LOL!: The 10 Greatest Acronyms In Internet History

  1. Curtis75Black says:

    That was a dope history lesson. Some I use, others not so much but props on the original concept. Never read anyone talking about this.


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