#InTheNews: Mrs. George Zimmerman Files For Divorce, Receives Community Service

Words by Chan Bam

Almost two months after Zimmerman’s pathetic acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s death, his wife, Shellie filed for divorce.

Last week she appeared on “Good Morning America” and admitted their marriage was in trouble. #GoFigure She’s seemingly been struggling with staying in such a strained marriage, considering her husband is hated by almost all America.

In her interview, she expressed concern of living in constant fear of vigilantes, as the couple lived in a 20-foot trailer (#DoubleWide) in the woods – where no one would be able to help them, should something bad happen. #CryMeARiver

One week ago, she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of perjury. She lied to the judge during an initial hearing about Zimmerman’s bail, stating they did not have the financial means to assist in his defense. In reality, the couple had obtained over $100k in donations.

In public records released of Zimmerman’s short-lived jail time, the couple was recorded discussing their finances in code – poor attempts at painting the picture of them being broke. When George was released, Kellie had transferred over $80k from her personal account to his.

In one conversation, Zimmerman asks his wife, “In my account, do I have at least $100?” She answers no, then tells him he has more like “$8, $8.60.”

“So total everything, how much are we looking at?” Zimmerman asks his wife.

“Like $155,” she responds.

Her explanation for the lies??

“I can rationalize a lot of reasons for why I was misleading, but the truth is I knew I was lying,” Shellie Zimmerman told ABC. “I wish a lot things were different. I can’t tell you how many times I have laid at night saying ‘God, I wish these circumstances had been different.”

For the misdemeanor perjury, Kellie got 1 year probation and 100 hours community service.

With Zimmerman being her husband, I wouldn’t want her servicing my gotdamn community!

Words by Chan Bam


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