#InTheNews: After 22 Years, Convicted Child Killer Says ‘Peace Out’ To Death Row

Words by Chan Bam

After 22 years in jail, convicted of murdering her 4 year old son, Debra Milke is able to see the outside world again.

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski ruled earlier this year that Milke did not get a fair trial. It was revealed that the prosecution’s key witness, Phoenix police Detective Armando Saldate Jr., has a long history of lying under oath and other misconduct.

During the trial, Saldate testified that during the interrogation – that was not recorded or seen by anyone else – Milke confessed to her role in the murder of her son.

Of course, Milke tells a different story. In her testimony, she states her son wanted to see Santa Claus at the mall and she allowed him to go with her roommate, James Styers. Instead of taking her son to the mall, Debra claims James picked up another friend and they drove to a secluded ravine, where 4 year old Christopher was shot three times in the head. Tragic.

Styers was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. This was the same sentence Milke received, but after Judge Kozinski’s review of the dirty detective’s past and no connection to Debra and the murder, he saw fit to free her. Sadly, the judge and jury believed Saldate’s testimony. After all, he was a detective, he wouldn’t lie, right? #YeahRight

After Judge Kozinski’s discovery of the dirty detective’s past and Debra Milke freed, she still could possibly face more ongoings with the case, as the Arizona attorney general believes she should remain on death row! Perhaps he and the sh*tty detective have a special work relationship. #SMH

What really pisses me off about this whole case, is that after the discovery of the detectives long laundry list of lies, why in thee hell is he still a detective and has been allowed to remain one for so long?? The attorney general should be targeting his energies on getting dirty detectives and cops from behind badges and behind bars.

And authority wonders why people say “f*ck the police” – this is clearly some bullsh*t.

Words by Chan Bam


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