#InTheNews: World War Gucci!


Words by Chan Bam

So apparently, Gucci, Brick Squad & a few others went Drake via Twitter, beginning yesterday, getting all in their feelings and expressing themselves openly. Uh oh…

The whole beef seems to have started over accusations that Gucci paid a lawyer to get the accused murderer of deceased BSM member, Slim Dunkin, Young Vitto acquitted. Gucci became flustered when it seemed that no one on his squad was picking a side, most importantly his, in the paying of the lawyer accusation. This opened the door to underlying turmoil between he and Waka Flocka – both making shots at each other on Sunday.

While that may have been what stirred the pot, the stewing ongoing issues within their camp, boiled over – with Gucci throwing everyone but Jesus under the bus, TODAY.
He named names, spoke on sexual encounters, and even pressed a few heavy hitters – T.I., Jeezy, Drake, Eminem, Tyga and Nicki Minaj – just to name a few.
Here are a few of today’s tweets:









Nicki, Tyga and T.I. are a few that actually responded to this f*ckery via subliminals. #hilarious (See their Twitter profiles for the latest tweets.)
But while we’re all laughing, we’re also possibly watching the end of several careers. If this “brick” squad becomes disassembled, artists like Young Scooter and Young Thug may not have a home. Not to mention, Gucci goin ham on Atlantic Records, soliciting his penis via someone’s mouth. #ouch
It’s obvious that Gooch is feelin some kinda way about these accusations and the way he’s handling them, makes him look more GUILTY than GUCCI. Even Waka feels the same way by tweeting “Self explanation is a form of guilt.” #boom
I’m sure there’s more to unfold in this saga, we’ll have to keep twatching to find out!

Words by Chan Bam


2 comments on “#InTheNews: World War Gucci!

  1. chan says:

    I personally lost it when he said he wanted to f*ck Tiny’s ugly ass. hahahahahahahahaha


    • Man, listen…lol. TI might have to say something about that on his show. Or not. Especially since Gucci seems to be on a quest to outdo 50 as the most volatile rapper to roam the land.

      & let’s not forget that he killed a man & was acquitted of the charges. He can kinda say slick shit haha!!


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