#InTheNews: George Vs. Shellie; The Zimmerman Saga Continues


Words by Chan Bam

After all of yesterday’s hoopla about Zimmerman being arrested for domestic issues with his newly estranged wife, Shellie – there were no charges filed against him. #whomp
Shellie Zimmerman declined prosecution, after consulting with her lawyer.

Yesterday afternoon, police got a call from Shellie, stating that George had threatened her and her father – who’d stopped by the house to pick up some of her belongings. She also stated that he punched her father in the nose and smashed her iPad. The call revealed fear in her voice and that she felt helpless, as he sat outside in the car with his pistol.

All of a sudden today, police reports seemed sketchy about whether or not he was carrying a gun, but according to his own attorney, he stated his client DID. Transcripts published from the 911 call shed some light on that “grey” area.
“He’s in the car and he continually has his hand on his gun, and he’s saying, ‘Step closer.’ He’s just threatening all of us with his firearm…I don’t know what he’s capabale of. I’m really, really scared,” Shellie says.
And when they showed up, police only detained him, never arrested him.
Why the police continue to cover up, aid and protect this man is beyond me! This sh*t is downright outrageous.
So here we are folks, back to square one. Zimmerman off the hook for more sh*t he aint got no business bein free for. This mf really thinks he’s invincible to the law and unfortunately, the way the sick judicial system is working in his favor, he’s not 100% to blame for such mental f*ckery.
I’m irritated. How ya’ll feel?

Words by Chan Bam


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