#InTheNews: Delayed Response? Kanye West Responds To Ray J On CP Time

Words by Chan Bam

Monday night (Sept. 9), Kanye West shows up in all is Yeezus glory, at the Jimmy Fallon show and performs “Bound 2” – live – from his latest album. And he brought a friend – Charlie, last name Wilson.

While his attire would raise one’s brow North, he definitely hit Ray J with a West-ern punch. #SeeWhatIDidThere

He hit the audience with the #remix by changing up some of the lyrics, to address Ray J’s little “Hit it First” shenanigans.
“Brandy’s little sister lame man he know it now/When a real brother hold you down you ‘sposed to drown… *drops mic* #shotsfired

Ray, how you feel?
If you all recall, Ray put out a song called “Hit it First” with a video of a woman with striking resemblance to Kim K, but never really came straight and said it was about her. #duh

Seems like Kanye had simply had enough of Ray J bumpin’ his gums about his baby moms, so he served that n*gga.

“Ray J kept testing him so he was like, ‘F**k it, I’m going to let his a** have it once and for all,’” a source close to the Yeezus artist tells HollywoodLife.com, EXCLUSIVELY.

“Ray J has been going around town, talking sh** about Kim and for a minute Kanye let it slide. He didn’t like what that little bi**h was saying but still, Kanye gave him a pass, hoping he would shut up and go away.”

I’on know if this is the end of the stupidest beef ever, but let’s hope this doesn’t go on, as we all know Ray J does NOT have bars.

I love me some Brandy tho! 🙂

Words by Chan Bam


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