#InTheNews: Biz Loses It!


Words By Miss Krissy

In positive Hip Hop news…

Biz Markie — who became globally popular after his hit single “Just A Friend” — had blown up like a ballon over the years, tipping the scales at 385 lbs. On a season of “Celebrity Fit Club” he lost 40 pounds but quickly gained that weight back and then some.

Two years ago in 2011, Biz was told he had high blood pressure and type 2 Diabetes. He knew the only way to stay alive was to get healthy.

“I looked up in the mirror and said I had to make a change if I was going to continue to live,” Biz told the L.A. Times.

Since then, he’s lost 141 lbs and has plans to lose another 30. Because of his weight loss, he’s also become the spokesperson for a sugar substitute called Zevia. The company claims Zevia as an alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Biz’s current job as himself on the popular kids show “Yo Gabba Gabba” on Nick Jr. also had a postive influence on his current weight loss, as the cast and crew all eat healthy and organic. Healthier eating is also the message they send to their viewers (my daughter watches daily).

Markie says his endorsement fits with the social message of “Yo Gabba Gabba,” which has pushes healthy eating with songs like “Party in My Tummy.”

Congrats to Biz for making a healthy life style change. He says if he can do it, “anyone can.”

Words By Miss Krissy


One comment on “#InTheNews: Biz Loses It!

  1. handsumdevil says:

    Nobody Beats the Biz! Not even Diabetes!


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