#InTheNews: Contracted Shooter Shouldn’t Have Even Had Clearance

Words by Chan Bam

How can we feel secure that our military is protecting us against outside terrorists when it seems they can’t even protect themselves on their own grounds?

More details are developing in the D.C. Navy Yard shooting that occurred yesterday morning that claimed the lives of a dozen people.
34-year-old Aaron Alexis was a military contractor, who had a pattern of misconduct as a Navy reservist and random run-ins with the law. He’d even contacted several Veteran hospitals for psychiatric assistance – yet none of those factors stopped him from getting clearance to the Washington Navy Yard as a subcontractor.
It’s really sad that it seems the military didn’t even have knowledge of these things, yet the AP was able to get the 411 on him in no time. What kind of vetting process is in place, if any at all?? It seems our government is more interested in sticking its nose in everyone else’s business but their own and these are the outcomes.
While all of this is still being investigated, there are still startling facts that continue to severe the thin layer of trust people have with the government. Although Alexis had a past history of delinquent behavior, since he’d been contracted in September of last year, no one reported any problems out of him. I guess they felt this made it OK to give him mid-level clearance when he joined his latest contract this July.

Contractors can receive three levels of clearance: confidential, secret and top secret. Alexis had gotten to secret clearance without a hitch. While a “department of defense” oversees this process, someone was clearly sleeping on the job, as this process includes psychological background/mental stability checks and any prior run-ins with the law, all of which Aaron Alexis DID have.
Somebody need to be FIRED.
In the 12 years since the September 11 attacks, the United States has reportedly “ramped up” contracting to support new defense and intelligence efforts. Clearly they need to unramp that plan and start all over, and rethink calling it intelligence efforts – because this whole situation could have been avoided if someone was actually using their intelligence and doing their damn job!

Words by Chan Bam


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