Open Season On Black Men Continues In North Carolina

Words by Chan Bam

An innocent African-American young man this weekend.

Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old North Carolina resident, was shot and killed early Saturday morning by police. He’d gotten into a car accident – car ran off the highway and into a ravine. Ferrell kicked his way out of the back window of the car and ran to the nearest house for help.

The woman living there had called police when she heard the repeated knocking. Officers responded to what’s being reported as a “breaking and entering” – although neither had occurred. When they arrived, Jonathan “fit the description” and without hesitation, one officer fired a stun gun at him. When that was unsuccessful, another officer, Randall Kerrick, took it upon himself to open fire – shooting 12 rounds – landing 10 and killing Ferrell on the spot. No questioning, no warning, no attempt to peacefully resolve a non-existent breaking and entering – just shoot to kill. #Smh

The officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, as the police department agrees he did not have a lawful right to shoot at the unarmed, unthreatening young man. According to the report, Kerrick claims that Jonathan “assaulted him by unknown means.” (What the f*ck does that even mean?!) He wasn’t armed, he didn’t have any type of weapon, there is no report of a verbal altercation, so what is assault by unknown means? Perhaps it’s the mental state of the officer that’s an unknown mean.
Or was being Black the unknown means to white Officer Kerrick?

This loss is a senseless one and it seems the world we live in only progresses to become worse not better – especially in race relations. The family’s attorney, Chris Chestnut, is noted saying:

    “I think this is poor decision-making. I think this is more a reflection of where we are as a country. Regardless of race, people should be “more sympathetic” to each other.”

Condolences and prayers go out to the Ferrell family.

Words by Chan Bam


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