Trees Rejoice As Texas Houses Country’s Official First Bookless Library


Words by Tony Grands

Trees have a reason to rejoice as the future goes paperless.

If the Applied Engineering and Technology Library at the University of Texas at San Antonio is any indication of tomorrow’s learning complexes, we are witnessing the end of books in libraries.

Officially opening Thursday (Sept. 19), the school’s library boasts a collection of 425,000 e-book readers and 18,000 e-journal subscriptions & not one book to check out (except for a small series of reference books that are not available online, yet). The facility has been called a “symbol of the inevitability of electronic as the prevailing medium in academe” by & will be perceived as a trailblazer as other instutions undoubtedly follow in their footsteps.

This dramatic step towards the future also means that information, sometimes hundreds of years old, can easily be manipulated & adjusted accordingly. Uh oh.

Libraries have long been the information headquarters of society, & as a wireless, buttonless, all digital world becomes more & more tangible, it only makes sense that this change was going to occur.

In addition to the 10 desktop computers in the avant garde library, there are plans to bring Kindle Fires & iPads in as a means of loaning the material to students. So while the experience of checking out/returning books will still be alive, there will essentially be no books in the building.

Words by Tony Grands


3 comments on “Trees Rejoice As Texas Houses Country’s Official First Bookless Library

  1. Krissy says:

    i don’t know, i actually like books. I guess it’s good for the trees tho


  2. My local library has e-books for download on their website. I was a little shocked at first. You say library I think BOOKS! Guess I’m getting older. Like Krissy I prefer to hold a real book than a device. Kindle paperwhite might change that.


    • Yeah, I’m old school. Give me a book any day.

      My wife has a Nook & she reads the hell out of it. I just use it to go on Facebook 😦

      My daughter found some author she likes, dl’d a bunch of her books to her iPod. I couldn’t get her to sit still with a physical book before. Now she actually reads for leisure. Go figure.

      Welcome to the future…


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