In The News: Pervert Pastor Under Investigation For Sexually Assaulting Members Of Congregation

Words by Chan Bam

Associate pastor, Jorge Juan Castro, was arrested last week at his Norwalk home on six felony accounts of sexual assault, involving immigrant women in his church.Charges included rape, penetration by foreign object and oral sex.
His lure for these women? Preying on illegal immigrants, who only spoke Spanish, convincing them he had “healing hands,” giving him access to grope and take advantage of the women either in the church or their home. Castro threatened to report the women to INS if they ever told and that they’d be ridiculed by the church if they ever tried to expose him.
Investigators allege that his string of incidents go all the way back to his own arrival to The States from Argentina in 2004. He’s currently being held on a $2 million dollar bail.
While his charges involve on a couple of women, detectives believe there are nearly two dozen women affected by this pervert. Unfortunately, because these women are here illegally, they’re afraid to come forward – for fear they’ll be reported and deported. Officials are trying to convince the women in the congregation to come forward, promising they won’t be reported to immigration.
The investigation began in April, after they were put up on game about his dirty deeds, through an anonymous third party, who was close to some of the victims. When the church leadership found out, they removed him from the church. #GodDontLikeUgly
Many of the congregation are shocked and appalled by the news, saying there were never any complaints about his behavior, nor any signs of such perversion. When he was released from the church earlier this year, most of them concocted their own reasons why he’d left – but none came up with a reason close to this.
Words by Chan Bam


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