In The News: Worst Parents Ever?

Words by Chan Bam

A sick, sick Massachusetts couple was finally brought to justice for their disgusting crimes committed against innocent children.

The pair was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison yesterday, for the rapingof their two adopted children.
Joseph and Linda Mayotte were convicted last month of nearly 3 dozen charges combined, of child rape.

They’ve each been sentenced to almost 20 years for their twisted deeds but the sickness doesn’t stop there.
The 49-year-old, Linda, became pregnant with her adopted son’s child when he was only 15. That child is now nearly 6 years old. When the Mayottes were arrested back in 2009, the three children were adopted by other families.
“Let them burn in hell,” is the statement of the now 21 year old adopted son. This was a part of his impact statement shared in court today.
It’s hard to imagine the mental and emotional effects that have become of these children. My hope is that they receive counseling to clear out as much garbage as they can, restore their esteem and get them on a better mental path.

Words by Chan Bam


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