#InTheNews: Weed Riders Escorted By Federal Cops, Get Rolled Up In Cali


Words by Tony Grands

Apparently, the drug trafficking game is getting more serious than ever.

A witty drug smuggler in Mexico attempted to get 2 tons of marijuana past Border Patrol agents yesterday (Sept. 25) by shaping the bundles into what looked like passengers riding aboard a bus.

The bus was escorted by a Federal police unit, so it easily slipped through both military and police checkpoints, right beyond the America/Mexico border. The driver of the escorting car claims that he was surveilling the drug-addled bus, not helping it travel past law enforcement.

It’s suspected that a cartel is behind the clever scheme, & the police chief, who is allegedly already under investigation for similar crimes says, “there must be some sort of confusion.”

With a clear & free path laid, the bus & it’s plastic-wrapped weed riders made it all the way to Baja, California, where security agents — who are well versed in their anti-smuggling duties — discovered that the bus wasn’t carrying people, but instead a shipment of wacky tobacc-y.

Drug Trafficking from South America to the States is a $13 billion dollar a year industry. No wonder the levels of deceit are getting trickier.

Words by Tony Grands


One comment on “#InTheNews: Weed Riders Escorted By Federal Cops, Get Rolled Up In Cali

  1. chan says:

    brilliant idea tho!


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