#InTheNews: Shameless Family Keeps Stealing God’s Property, Kirk Franklin Not Involved

Words by Chan Bam

A Slidell, Louisiana family of three — Clariese Jones, Paul Mikell, & their daughter Olivia — were arrested this week for REPEATEDLY burglarizing a local church – El Bethel Apostolic Ministry.

The three stole music equipment, water coolers, electronics, & generators in several robbing sprees. #TheDevilMadeThemDoIt Authorities were tipped off that the family was slanging said stolen goods at a garage sale, only a few blocks away! When detectives arrived at their home, there were “For Sale” signs advertising the blessed booty.

So not only were they bold enough to steal from the church, but they’re dumb enough to advertise it on their front lawn, mere miles away from the house of The Lord. Have they no shame?

Once inside, authorities noticed the house was scattered with the church’s items and they were able to retrieve 95% of it. Through their investigation they found out the mother and daughter went in to get the goods, while the father was the watch man during the first robbery on the 12th. When Clariese was arrested days later on unrelated charges after a routine traffic stop, her brilliant baby daddy rounded the troops – his daughter and a third unidentified party – to rob the church again to bail out Chariese. After they posted bond and she was released from jail, she and her daughter went back to rob the church again.

The three were arrested for simple burglary of a religious building and being held on $30k bond. One has to wonder if the church will collect a special offering to bail out these poor souls…


Words by Chan Bam


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