#InTheNews: Step Aside, Crackheads, Krokheads Are Here!


Words by Chan Bam

Krokodil (Russian for “crocodile”) is a ten-year-old street drug, known for it’s use in Russia, that has found its way into the States recently. This illicit drug gets its name from the side effects: flesh eating sores, damaged, rough-looking and scale-like skin.#tharishcray

There are two cases reported in Phoenix – which has alarmed anti-drug advocates and medical personnel – has struck fear that it may spread.

Krokodil is a concoction of craziness – its base being codeine, then mixed with a few other choice items you can get at your local Home Depot – i.e. paint thinners. The pure codeine is being extracted from the pill form then contaminated with other chemicals – gasoline being one amongst the list – to create a liquid substance to be injected intravenously. According to ABC News reports, the types of chemicals used by manufacturers vary. The acidity of some of the chemicals used causes the body’s fat and skin to “burn off and die,” says Dr. Frank LoVecchio of Phoenix’s Banner Poison, Drug Info Center.

Sounds like the worst liposuction, ever.

Such dangerous chemicals being present in the body weakens the immune system, causing a user to be more prone to infections, unable to fight then off. With daily usage, a person could kill themselves within two years.

While they don’t want anyone to be alarmed, you can’t help but be anything but, especially with the society we live in. Rappers, actors, and other entertainers alike promoting drug usage and abuse, a curious youth could find themselves in a world of trouble.

Hopefully this incident will raise awareness and prompt parents, mentors and adults to be more drug conscious and speak to those they are responsible for.

Words by Chan Bam


One comment on “#InTheNews: Step Aside, Crackheads, Krokheads Are Here!

  1. realnagan says:

    Word, i saw that VICE doco on Krokodil. Shit is bad


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