#InTheNews: Think Twice Before You Start Eating Out

Words by Chan Bam

You may want to take a rain check on dining out. With the government shutdown, so is the FDA. They’re what I’d call, our “Food Regulators” – and with their paychecks in the balance, you might not wanna rush to your favorite international-themed diner for their ‘signature house chicken.’ #ijs

While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will continue to man every meat production facility, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), who actually oversee the safety of virtually all of this nation’s food industry, will be out to lunch. No pun intended.
So what does that mean for you?

It means some of you heauxs need to learn how to actually cook a meal and I don’t mean no muhfckn TACOS! I’m talking full on meals – at least three courses – salad, entrée and dessert – bon appétit! For suggestions on how to cook easy meals, please see your cable listings for cooking channels. [Editor’s note: Lmao!]

In previous fiscals, the FDA was numbered to have inspected 20k food facilities. In past inspections, their findings suggests officials normally inspect 80 facilities a day. So with this government shutdown, that means 80 facilities a day are going without inspection. And if this lasts until mid-month, nearly 1000 facilities will go without U.S. inspections. Yowsers!
According to the Huffington Post, a spokeswoman from the FDA noted that a portion of these inspections would be conducted by the agency’s partners in state agriculture and health departments. But how many inspections they’d conduct, is unknown. The more time that passes, the more time facilities have time to slack off on regulations, putting consumers at risk of food borne illness.
So all those horrifying videos we see of food workers doing disgusting sh*t with your food in the back, yea, more of that will be going on without the watchful eye of the FDA. A lot more, perhaps. It’s like the saying goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. Again, no pun intended.
Food safety advocates have urged Congress to end this tantrum ASAP or in the minimum, fund the food safety programs separately. As of now, there’s no budging on the budget and the stare down is still happening.
I wonder if the food in the White House is still being inspected before preparation and serving? Hmmm…

Words by Chan Bam


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