#InTheNews: Child Care Worker Arrested For Raping Infant, Video Tells All


Words by Chan Bam

A 25 year old Ohio woman, Heather Koon, is facing several counts of rape on defenseless infants, at a daycare where she was employed. Yes you read that correct – infants.Perhaps her last name was a bit of a giveaway? #Koonery
One of the victims’ mother states that her son doesn’t like his diaper changed, nor being touched. She recalls when dropping him off at daycare, he would cry uncontrollably – almost to the point of hyperventilating. Those were dead giveaway signs that something was amiss.
While the daycare is cooperating with this investigation, the father states the representative from ABC Kidz tried to play the whole incident down and treat it as a “simple assault.” They also claim they don’t believe there were any other victims.
Now what is a “simple assault” when it comes to an innocent child??! Crazy.

The father even reported a second phone call that day from the rep, was to advise he and his wife to keep the occurrence discreet. Shameful!
According to the Huffington Post, investigators found a video of one of Koon’s insidious acts on her laptop at home – an apartment she shared with her registered sex offender boyfriend, James Osborne. The couple was arrested on Friday, October 4th and are being held at Lorain County Jail.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time daycare employees have been accused of child molestation. According to the report, an instructor at a Pittsburgh daycare location was sentenced to at least 35 years in prison for sexually abusing a dozen boys over a period of several years. People that do such horrific things to innocent children are sick, sick individuals.
As a parent, it’s terrifying to imagine something like this happening to your child. Take heed to changes in their behaviors, reactions to being around certain people and keep them talking to you – if they’re old enough to verbally express themselves.
The parents in this case have not reported their next steps for care for their child, but my hope is that they’re able to all recover from this atrocious act.
Words by Chan Bam


One comment on “#InTheNews: Child Care Worker Arrested For Raping Infant, Video Tells All

  1. realnagan says:

    Damn! That’s some pure evil shit right there. That kids gonna be a mess. Shit will be in the kids subconscious for years. And people generally don’t suspect females of such depravity.

    Best wishes to all the young uns that have been victims. One can hope for karma to come into effect


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