#InTheNews: 9 Year Old Takes Solo Flight To Vegas

Words by Chan Bam

A 9-year-old stowaway boy was reported by Delta Air employees, when he was on a flight from Minnesota to Las Vegas last week, with no guardian.

Today his father faced reporters, with tears in eyes, saying he’s asked for help with his troubled child for quite some time now, to no avail.

“Somebody please help me, please…the boy doesn’t listen and does what he wants to do.”
A MAD DADS spokesman said they will step in to assist this father and his son’s needs, along with county officials offering services and programs. But one of the more pressing issues is finding out he was able to get by TSA and board the plane without detection. Surveillance shows he went through security with other passengers, possibly mistaken for a child belonging to a nearby adult. The video also reveals he spoke for a short while with the gate agent, but when she became distracted, he was able to slip onto the flight. Damn. He’s good.
You can’t even catch a 9-year-old child walking into an airport and actually boarding a plane, but you want people to trust our security and feel safe when traveling? Methinks not #AlQaeda
Thankfully the flight crew was a bit brighter than everyone else that preceded them and was suspicious of the little boy. They contacted Las Vegas authorities and upon landing, they turned him over to CPS, who advised they’d be sending him back to his home in Minneapolis for his issues to be addressed.
The father complained that he’s begged for help in the past, but no one has offered to help. He says he’s helped his son the best he knows how, by working with him regularly on homework, taking him to work with him, but social services and police he’d reached out to wouldn’t assist because of the boy’s previous indiscretions – which included a stolen vehicle days before his disappearance and stowaway flight.
When his son said he was going to take the trash out but didn’t return on October 2nd, the parents admit they assumed he’d gone to a friend’s house – given his past behavior. But when he didn’t come home at all, they spent the next day looking for him – that’s when authorities let them know he was found on the Delta flight. I don’t know what type of parents would shrug off their 9-year-old child missing overnight – but hey, I’m not judging.
The boy’s mother just so happens to work at the Minneapolis airport, but it’s unclear whether she assisted him in sneaking onto the flight and past security. That portion is also under investigation.
The dad did say when his son was returned home after the stolen care incident, he asked officers if he could discipline his son, they advised him if he did, he’d go to jail. Smh. That’s what’s wrong with some of these bad ass kids – they need they asses WHOOPED! Unfortunately for this father, he’s afraid to do so, at the threat of going to jail.
It’s really sad that it took this for a seemingly caring father to get help with his trouble child. Hopefully with the assistance of MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder), there is some corrective action to his behaviors and also programs opened up to this young boy to help him early on.

Words by Chan Bam


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