How Not To Get Friendzoned (From A Woman’s POV)

Words by Miss Krissy

1. Don’t act like a buddy.
When you meet someone that you know you’re interested in, don’t play it off like you aren’t. Acting like a friend will get you put in the friendzone real quick.Show you’re interest, it might work out in your favor. If it doesn’t, keep it pushin’. Did you really want a new platonic guy/girl friend, anyway? Doubt it.

2. Be Upfront.
Like I mentioned above, if you show you’re interested in someone it may yield positive results.  When you meet someone you’re attracted to, tell them, “Hey, I like you we should hang out.” If they don’t feel the same way, you’re not losing anything, you don’t know them like that anyway!

3. Don’t be a wing (wo)man.
If you have taken a long time to come out with your feelings for this person, the worst thing you can do is help them find someone else. Don’t be the wingman for someone you have feelings for. By doing this, you push yourself further into the friendzone. Your friend is thinking, “He/She can’t be interested in me if she/he will help me pick up someone else.” You kind of dig your own grave here , so don’t do it!

4. Don’t Let too Much Time Pass.
Say you met this person you like so much last month at a friends party. The two of you hit it off but there was no flirting, just conversation. You walk away feeling like you’d want more, but you hold that in. Fast Forward and it’s been a year and you guys are still just friends because you never said anything. Your friend is pretty positive you don’t like them “In that way” Because you never made a move, thus, you’re stuck in the friendzone while they date whoever they feel like it, namely, anyone but you!

5. Grow some balls.
The jist of the entire post is, woman/man up! Be bold and upfront or you’ve just made another life long bestie who you pine over every evening writing their last name behind your 1st. Unless a friend you’re attracted to is what you’re in the market for, being bold is the only way to avoid that category.

Words by Miss Krissy


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