TonyGrandsRadio: Civil Writes (Draft & Sean Emcee) “Civil Writes” [EP]


Words by Tony Grands

Last Friday, a cat on Twitter posted a link to this song called “Lummy.” I thought the title was so ridiculous for a rap song that I figured I couldn’t afford to miss an opportunity to laugh at another rapper. To my surprise, nah. Civil Writes (Atlanta, GA. MCs Draft & Sean Emcee) doesn’t come off as just another rap group. I actually enjoyed this album so much I bumped it all weekend.

The overall vibe of the album is a quirky tap dance between past & present…the sound of the future, if you will. The production is extra solid, putting a little cohesion between the trunk-friendly rattling of the pleasantly above part production & the often-introspective, thought-provoking bars the duo unleashes on every joint. Lyrically, it’s obvious these aren’t some young, new n!ggas. Topics range from, yo, everything you can think of.

Rarely do you find a duo whose chemistry is as natural as D & Sean. They compliment the fuck out of one another.

I recommend a couple of spin. This EP will grow on you.

👍: “Black History,” “Lummy,” “Dedication,” “Get Yours”
👎: “Gotta Be Free”



Words by Tony Grands
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