#TonyGrandsRadio: The Lil Wayne Vs. Young Thug Playlist


Same person?

Words by Tony Grands

There’s an awful lot of debate swirling the ‘net regarding the rocky threesome known as Wayne, Thug, and Birdman.

It all began with a plethora of tweets sent by Wayne illustrating his frustration with Cash Money Records. More specifically, Birdman Sr. Since then, Lil Wayne has officially sued his adopted dad, Young Thug has become the most sought after rapper of the last 9 months, and Birdman is steadily rubbing his hands at the whole emotional fiasco. (Well, you can’t pay bills with emotions, but you catch my drift.)

I’m not a lawyer, like @Combat_Jack is, so I won’t even begin to pontificate on the legality of this situation. But what I CAN do is give the people a chance to pick who is the better artist. It’s a legitimate question, no?

6 songs. Wayne Vs. Thug. Winner take alll…

What say you?

Words by Tony Grands
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4 comments on “#TonyGrandsRadio: The Lil Wayne Vs. Young Thug Playlist

  1. markdub7 says:

    I like NONE of the choices…but yeah…Wayne’s a much craftier writer than Thugger and his lover, Birdman Senior Citizen


    • tonygrands says:

      I think Thug is better. Listen to the second Wayne song. He’s yelping JUST like Thug. Biting is an automatic disqualification. Well, not better. Wayne needs to step his game back up.


  2. Phlip says:

    Here’s my thing… Lil Wayne had a run of about 7-8 years or so (from his verse on Juvenile’s Tha G Code up to his own Carter III) where I thought he was at his fucking best and damned entertaining.
    Enter this drug-addled mumbler who called himself Tuned Cheese or some shit like that and it was all gone.
    Born of the Tuned Cheese iteration came this Young Thug character, just with more womens’ clothes involved. I would like to say I care about this situation, but I am not a fan of Tuned Cheese or Young Thug and I am convinced that Carter V will be a lot of Tuned Cheese and very little of the Lil Wayne who was ripping other peoples’ beats apart back in 05.
    Therefore, I will choose to be morbidly entertained by what is amounting to an ugly breakup.


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