Quickies: 5 Things To Do When You Don’t Know The Words To Your Favorite Song In Public



Words by Tony Grands

Here’s the scenario. You’re hangin’ with the homies and you guys’ favorite song comes blaring through the speakers. As you and your crew chime in word-for-word, you realize a part that you don’t know the words to is swiftly approaching. Do you stop singing? Hell no! You keep going right until the part you don’t know and then you:

Fake A Bodily Function
A kinda cough, fake sneeze, or perfectly-timed throat clearing should do the trick. Just make sure it’s not in sync with the song. Then it becomes obvious you don’t know the words and your cover is blown.

Chances are that the person you are with is singing the song just like you. As the questionable part approaches, meter your voice so that by the time you and it intersect, you’re barely audible. All the other person really needs to hear are the cadences of the song to give the impression that you’ve memorized the lyrics.

Make Up Your Own Words
People do it all the time. Go ahead, why not? If someone calls you on it, you don’t need them anymore. End the friendship and replace them with a cat.

Perform the Adlibs
Or hum. Who says you can’t celebrate your jam with a wordless version? The best part of some songs is the background harmonizing or barely noticeable adlibs. If you know those, that’s just like knowing the song. Anyone who disagrees is untrustworthy and they don’t have your best interest at heart.

Immediately Become Preoccupied
There is always something going on over over there. As long as it doesn’t put you or anyone else in danger, feel free to glance away in silence or check the time as often as required.

Words by Tony Grands
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2 comments on “Quickies: 5 Things To Do When You Don’t Know The Words To Your Favorite Song In Public

  1. markdub7 says:

    I have done all of these. Minus the part about kicking the friend to the curb and getting a cat.


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