#TonyGrandsRadio: Music From Sy Ari, Courtlin Jabrae, OG GUTTA, The Code, Expect Greatness


TGDC presents TonyGrandsRadio!

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Words by Tony Grands

Sy Ari
“Don’t Make Me”
Produced by Habib

Sy melodically rides this bubbly bass bonanza in top-shelf ruffneck fashion.  House and headphones worthy.

Courtlin Jabrae
Produced By Courtlin Jabrae

CJ injects some very-much needed energy into today’s lazy wave of drug addict – or – dope boy propaganda music with this exciting drop. Look for him to make a bit of noise down the road.

OG Gutta
“All Day Long”
Produced by Londn Blue

Spend a day bendin’ corners with GUTTA. Trap rap deluxe. Music to roll up to, literally and figuratively.

The  Code
“Gravity” (ft. G-Eazy)

A syrupy, futuristic love song sprinkled with G-Eazy’s aloof honesty make this an instant favorite. Fans of screw music get a treat here, too.

Expect Greatness
“Way Out” ft Cooley

Angeleno street soldier kicking knowledge, a long lost aspect of rap music. I recommend headphones if for nothing else but to hear the message with being distracted by the mellow backdrop.


Words by Tony Grands
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