A Not-So Comprehensive List Of All The Deceased Rappers



I came across this searching for based god knows what. But I thought it was pretty surreal. Especially since I stumbled upon it March 9.

A bit eye opening if nothing else.

I’m not here to soapbox about crime rates and rap algorithms and the importance of staying healthy, but sheesh. You only live once. Remember that shit.

Some names have been repeated, others left of completely, so don’t quote me on any of the names. I just copied it from HipHopDatabase. Let’s fill in the blanks where we can, for posterity sake, if nothing else.


1000 (Da Mad Poets)

A.C. Chill (Southpark Coalition)



Baatin (Slum Village)

Bad News Brown (rapper)

Baytown (Screwed Up Click)

B-Brazy (Damu)

B.G. Gator (Botany Boys and Screwed Up Click)

Big D.S. (Onyx)

Big Ed

Big Hawk (Screwed Up Click)

Big L (rapper)

Big Mello (Screwed Up Click)

Big Moe (Screwed Up Click)

Big Punisher

Big Steve (Woss Ness and Screwed Up Click)

Big Rue (Mobstyle Protected and Screwed Up Click)

Blade Icewood

Blood Money (G.B.E.)

Bloody Mary (from original Bangin on Wax CD)

Buffy (Fat Boys)

Bugz (D12)


Camoflauge (rapper)

CreepyFace (Kansas City Rapper)

Chaos Kid (D12)


Chris Kelly (Kris Kross)

Cowboy (Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5)

Camu Tao

Capital STEEZ (Pro Era)

Clip-D (ABN)

Coughnut (IMP)

CAS (Castro)

Cahron Childs/JayAre (Cali Swag District)

DJ Screw (DJ, founder of the Screwed Up Click, and originator of Screw music)

D- Pac (Screwed Up Click)

DJ Train

Doe B (Hustle Gang)

Dolla (rapper)

Darren Robinson (rapper)

DJ Michael Price (Houston DJ)

Eazy-E (rapper)

Eyedea (Minnesota rapper)

Everlasting Hitman

Esbe The 6th St. Bully (Dred Skott, League of Extraordinary Gz)

Fat Pat (Screwed Up Click)

Flipside (O.F.T.B.)

Fo’ Clips

Fooly Wayne (Screwed Up Click)

Fat Tone (rapper)

Freaky Tah

Grym Reaper (Gravediggaz)


Guru (Gang Starr)

Grace Bandza Samba

Hard Jarv (Screwed Up Click)

Hard Ward (Screwed Up Click)

Half a Mill

Heavy D (Heavy D & the Boyz)

Hittman (RBL Posse)

Hollywood Will

Jason (Screwed Up Click)

JayAre/Cahron Childs (Cali Swag District)

Jimme Wallstreet

Joe BG (rapper)

Johnny Boy Da Prince

Jokez (rapper)

Jam Master Jay (Run-D.M.C.)

J Dilla (Jay Dee of Slum Village)

John Vietnam

Johnny J

Killa Sha


KMG the Illustrator (Above The Law)

Kayo Red

Ken Ken (2G Ent)

LA Capone (600)

Left Eye (TLC)

Lil Boo ( Screwed Up Click)

Lil Jojo (BDK)(FBG)

Lil’ Laniak 2 (L.A Denver Lane Bloods)

Lil Phat (Trill Ent.)

Lil Jeff (BDK) And (FBG)

Lil Snupe

Lil Bango (Luchi Ent) & (Mrc Ent)

Lord Infamous (Three 6 Mafia, Tear Da Club Up Thugs, Da Mafia 6)

Magnolia $horty

Marlon Brando (Sporty Thievz)


Master Don

Mazaradi Fox (G-Unit)

MC Breed (rapper)

MC Trouble

Mac-11 (Watts rapper) Watts Franklin Square Crips

Mac Dre (rapper)

Mr Cee

MCA (Beastie Boys)

Magnolia Shorty

Mausberg (rapper)


Monkey Black

Natina Reed (Blaque)

Nut (Street Military)

Nate Dogg

No Game (rapper)

The Notorious B.I.G. (Junior M.A.F.I.A.)

NuNu (OTF) (300)

Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang Clan)

Pat Lemmon (Screwed Up Click)

Proof (D12)

Pimp C (UnderGroundKings/UGK)

Professor X (X Clan)

Pimp Daddy

Party Arty

Petey Parker (Prominent Sons)

Proliphic (rapper)

Rapping Ron (Bad N-fluenz)


Real Nigga Shin (O Squad)


Saxon Meyer

Scott La Rock (producer)

Seagram (rapper)

Short Kidd

Slim Dunkin (rapper)

Soulja Slim (rapper)

Speaker Knockerz (rapper)

Stretch (rapper)

Subroc (KMD)


Special One (female rapper-The Conscious Daughters )

Splashy Roc

Speedy Loc

Stack Bundles (Riot Squad)

Tee Lee (Screwed Up Click)

Tony Trapz (Toronto rapper)

Treble Treb (Screwed Up Click)

Trouble T Roy (Heavy D and the Boys)

Tupac Shakur (rapper) (Outlawz)

Toro (rapper)


VL Mike (rapper)

Viro the Virus



X-1 (Onyx)

Yaki Khadafi (Outlawz)

Yella Boi (rapper)


I know, right?

Words by Tony Grands
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4 comments on “A Not-So Comprehensive List Of All The Deceased Rappers

  1. Curtis75Black says:

    Damn !! When you finally pay attention, it’s shocking !!


    • tonygrands says:

      At first I only saw the big names. Then I went back & remembered hearing about some. Others I googled. The Bangin On Wax rappers were true to life gangbangers. No wonder so many passed.


  2. Curtis75Black says:

    Where the Screwed Up Click involved in a car accident ? DAMN !!


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