#TonyGrandsRadio: New Music From Martin $ky, Dedrick Jamaal, Ari Lennox, Cekary


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“Red Shift” – Martin $ky

Martin $ky flexes over this self-produced track with enough bass to irritate your neighbors for the next couple of days.

“How Things Should Be” – Dedrick Jamaal

Dedrick Jamaal takes you from the streets to the club with this addictive, high energy track. A little something for the gangstas to dance to.

“Backseat” – Ari Lennox/DJ Grumble

Let the Erykah Badu comparisons begin. Or continue. Nevertheless, allow a little sassy R&B from Ari Lennox to break the monotony.

“All Sinners” – Cekary

Cekary drops a pocketful of hot nickels on this syrupy Shopwitme thumper.

Words by Tony Grands
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